Justin Anthony Williams has been arrested for several different sex crimes. The 35-year-old was a Bus Driver for the Mid-Del Schools. The Mid-Dale Schools in a suburb of Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma.

The Del City Police say three students came forward. All three of the students reported to Williams had an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school. The middle school students admitted this to the principal at the Del Crest Middle School. These three students are being praised for coming forward and report the relationship the bus driver had with a Middle School Student.

Proof found on social media

Evidence of the inappropriate relationship was found on social media. It appears the relationship had lasted about two weeks. Facebook was the social media outlet where the proof of the inappropriate relationship. The bus driver and the student used messenger on Facebook to contact each other.

The young girl and the school bus driver exchanged nude photos as well as explicit videos on Facebook messenger. The Del City Police said Justin Anthony Williams picked up the girl once. He then took the middle school student to another location where the two of them engaged in sexual intercourse. At the time of publication, it was unknown if this was the only time the two engaged in sexual intercourse.

Williams admitted he knew the middle school student was only 14 years old. He also admitted he was aware that exchanging nude photos and explicit videos was illegal. He was also aware it was illegal to engage in sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl. “Okay, you got me,” he reportedly told the police when he was arrested.

Despite the current charges against Justin Anthony Williams, he had never been in trouble. The bus driver even passed all of the background checks the Mid-Del Schools required when he was hired to work for the schools. There were no active warrants for the bus driver, and he did not have a criminal record. He had been a school bus driver for Mid-Del Schools since September of last year.

“I hope they throw the book at him,” Rhonda McMillan, a mother of a middle school student, said. “[Justin Anthony Williams] needs to spend the rest of his life in the jail.”

Justin Anthony Williams was arrested by the Del City Police Department. The charges include Rape in the 1st Degree with Child Under 16, Lewd Acts with Child Under 16 and Using Technology For Sexual Conduct with a Minor. The Mid-Del Schools have already fired him. His bond has been set at $75,000.