#President trump ordered air strikes against Syria on Wednesday night, and it was the first time that America had responded with military action against Syria's #President Assad and his loyal military forces.

A rapid response hints at unpredictability

Unlike #President Obama who dealt with the Syrian issue throughout his time in the Oval Office, Trump's response was so rapid that there was a degree of surprise and even shock, which contrasted to Obama's measured and methodical approach to the Syrian situation throughout his presidency.

Trump also had another goal in acting so swiftly – he was also sending a message to other countries like Iran and #North Korea that the United States was no longer prepared to give time and flexibility to its adversaries, and that the new President was not afraid of using military force; he was prepared to act with decisiveness and without long periods of analysis.

This was also the first time that the President had made the decision himself, since other military set-ups in Iraq, Yemen and Syria had been enacted through commanders under delegation to Trump. As always, Trump's presidency continues to morph and change beneath our gaze, as enemies continue to watch on.