President Obama, don't attack #Syria: These were the words Donald Trump used Twitter three years ago in September 2013 against then President Barack Obama. Trump told the then-President to save his power for another day.

In keeping with his changeable and unreliable nature, Trump's airstrike on #Syria on Wednesday shocked many and added a degree of unease to the equation. When he was candidate for the Untied States presidency, Trump had claimed that getting rid of Assad wasn't an urgent priority and that tearing down the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq was the thing the US needed to focus on.

His criticisms of Barack Obama for plunging riskily and instinctively into the #Syrian situation as an entanglement that was more about idealism and other country's interests. And now, how three years can change a lot.

He once said that the US is a humanitarian nation and that #Hillary Clinton and Obama have brought in confusion, weakness and disarray, claiming that the Middle East became unstable under their tenure. The contrast between what he said then, and how is engaging the US military now has struck many as odd, and a little unnerving and odd, as is the case generally with acts of violent war.