After Donald Trump praised the so-called "mother of all bombs" it was not long before Russia responded.

"Do not be fooled, The Russians have something much more powerful than their "mother of all bombs," and that is GBU-43 / B. Kids, get to know the dad," says RT. The article states that the Russians developed the "father of all bombs" in 2007 and that it is in terms of power and efficiency superior to the American MegaBomb. While the US bomb weighs over 8200 kilos, the Russian bomb weighs about 7000 kilograms.

Comparable with nuclear weapons

The Russian MegaBomb explodes in the air, connects with atmospheric oxygen, only to expand the area affected by the explosion while destroying targets.

Gas that is near detonation will burn, creating a vacuum that can pull objects toward the center of the explosion. According to reports, Russia had its MegaBomb tested in 2007 at an unknown location, and what the explosion left behind looked like a "lunar surface."

Alexander Rukshin, the former deputy head of the Russian armed forces, said that the Russian bomb in the terms of efficiency is similar to a "flat nuclear bomb." Russia mentioned that their bomb has never been used in combat before.

A tactical decision

The top US military commander in Afghanistan said today that the decision to use one of the largest conventional bombs was a purely tactical decision made in the context of the campaign against fighters linked to the Sunni jihadist group of the Islamic State.

General John Nicholson said he was in constant communication with officials in Washington, but that the decision to use the bomb was based on an assessment of military needs and not the wider political circumstances. "This is the first time that we found a significant obstacle to our progress," said the general about the joint Afghan-US operation, which has focused on IS since March.

"This was the right time to use the tactical bomb against the right targets on the battlefield," said Nicholson. The Afghan Defense Ministry has announced that in this powerful attack on the network of mined caves and tunnels used by IS did not hurt civilians. "There are no injured civilians, the only base that was destroyed is Daesh, the base that was used for attacks on other parts of the province," said spokesman Dawlat Waziri.

Residents welcomed the attack on IS. The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Gani said it was a joint operation by Afghan and international forces, and that measures were taken to ensure that there were no civilian injuries or casualties. Former President Hamid Karzai, however, condemned the move and said that it "is not a war against terrorism" but "inhuman and brutal abuse of our country as a test area for new and dangerous weapons."