Now that President Trump is facing a renewed threat from Russia, his views of #NATO have changed. And for good reason. If the United States is to be in conflict with the Soviet super force, then Trump will need NATO to protect US interests. But it was a different story a few months ago.

When running for the presidential election, Donald Trump had roundly criticized NATO, calling it an old fashioned and obsolete institution which suffered from musty thinking and outdate attitudes, one that focused on the adversaries of yore, and not sophisticated new threats.

Trump explained the NATO connection as a burden to over-drained American resources and emphasized this by claiming that many in the organization didn’t pay for their share of expenses and that the United States had to dig deep into their pockets to fund the alliance's objectives. .

No longer obsolete

But yesterday Trump described NATO as being rehabilitated, and he took credit himself for championing it and turning it into a cost sharing and new age terrorism-fighting stronghold of Europe and the US. He described it as being 'no longer obsolete', this on Wednesday as he generously met with NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg at the White House.