Donald Trump will be visiting Buckingham Palace in London, England later this year, but is making a demand that is causing concern among local security. The president is pushing to ride in Queen Elizabeth's royal golden carriage, but not everyone is thrilled about it.

Trump's demand

Even before Donald Trump became a presidential candidate, he was known for his lavish lifestyle and his propensity to brag about his wealth. That attitude and bravado was carried over into his campaign for president, and now into the White House following his upset election win over Hillary Clinton.

Since being sworn into office, the former host of "The Apprentice" has created an new atmosphere surrounding the White House, which has resulted in a record-low approval rating to a president during his first 100 days. While Trump has attempted to spin the narrative in his favor, there has been continued backlash as a result of his actions and rhetoric. As reported by the Times of London, and later Raw Story, on April 15, Trump is now taking his ego to another level, this time making a demand of the Queen of England in relations to a trip taking place later this year.

According to the report in the Times of London, Donald Trump and his administration have informed the officials at Buckingham Palace that the he wants to ride in Queen Elizabeth's golden carriage.

In response, local security, including the London Metropolitan Police, are pushing back at Trump's demand, claiming the billionaire real estate mogul is creating a "monster" problem for law enforcement. Trump is calling on the use of the golden carriage as his mode of transposition through the Mall to Buckingham Palace, though the recommended course of actions is to use a specialized vehicle that is designed to be bomb and bullet proof.

In contrast, law enforcement warn that the "risk factor is dramatically increased" if Trump were to use the golden carriage.

Double trouble

In addition, The Times of London also notes that Donald Trump has "presented a range of fresh headaches," but the president doesn't appear willing to back down from his demand.

Trump is expected to receive the highest form of security possible among his arrival, despite the issues that are taking place. As of press time, representatives for Queen Elizabeth have not issued a comment in relation to the aforementioned story, and it's unknown if they will do so before the trip takes place.