At a Georgetown University conference regarding cyber security Monday, Sebastian Gorka faced heavy criticism from students who questioned not only the relationship between the Trump administration and the truth but also how the anti-Muslim policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration may have assisted terror groups.

Accusations of affiliation with a right-wing Hungarian group that collaborated with the Nazi government of Germany have mired Gorka since he gained prominence through the campaign. The same accusations were relayed by the students and contributed to Gorka's early departure.

As reported by the Forward, Gorka is a member of Vitezi Rend or the Order of Vitéz. During World War II, this organization collaborated with the Nazi government by murdering Jews and sending Jews to concentration camps under the leadership of Miklós Horthy Jr.

Criticism of the Trump administration

So far in his presidency, Donald Trump has not responded well to criticism. Whether he is disputing the number of attendees at his inauguration or attacking the media, he does not take any criticism well. This begs the question of whether this administration expects itself to be exempt from criticism, or is willing and able to justify its policy and the beliefs of its members rationally.

The refusal of Sebastian Gorka to respond to criticism reflects the similar behavior of the president and other members of the administration who have been adamant that their administration is honest and trustworthy, despite the many lies told by Sean Spicer alone.

Democracy requires leaders to be not only transparent but also willing to accept criticism from citizens. The Trump administration continues to prove itself to be authoritarian in its practices with little regard for any opposing viewpoints or facts that challenge their narrative.

However, this does not mean criticism of the Trump administration is not practical.

While one may not be able to convince Trump himself he is wrong, pointing out the hypocrisy and lies of the administration will continue to put pressure on a government that is over its head and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job they have undertaken.

Gorka's behavior regarding criticism exhibits perfectly the common behavior of the Trump administration: act immorally or illegally and lie when confronted.

We had seen this with Senator Jeff Sessions when he committed perjury regarding meetings with Russian officials. We will continue to see this behavior until the Trump administration faces consequences for spreading false information.