Bruce Jenner, now transformed to Caitlyn Jenner, the famous yesteryear gold medal Olympian, has undergone the final surgery of her gender reassignment procedure. On April 2015, Jenner announced her identity as a transgender publicly and also changed the name from Bruce to Caitlyn. Since then she has been titled as the most famous openly transgender woman in the world.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, she shared details of her final surgery under the gender reassignment procedure. Her biography titled “The Secrets of My Life ” will be unveiled on Tuesday, April 25.

In the interview, Jenner clearly stated that she had no regrets about her transformation.

The Interview

During the interview, Jenner was seen wearing a lovely feminine dress along with red nails and sporting a confidence like never before. However, during the interview, Jenner refrained from revealing too much about the transformation stating that some information should stay personal. At the same time, she is proud of her journey which made her reconsider her beliefs.

Jenner revealed that she is still learning all the important points, which revolve around being transgender. In a previous statement, the 66-year-old had said that one of the biggest problems of being a woman is determining what to wear.

Caitlyn had to face major backlash due to this statement from the transgender community as a whole.

In the later segment of the interview, Jenner revealed that her relationship with many of members of the Kardashian family had become stressed. Some of her children maintained a healthy relationship with her, whereas, others have decided to keep their distance from her.

Talking about the surgery, Jenner had worked on her jaw line, forehead, and breasts, and stated that being a woman was always her priority.

Being a gender advocate

The former Olympian is on a mission to spread more information concerning the problems faced by transgenders every day. She is also fighting to give them a well-deserved and respectable identity in the community.

As a matter of fact, Jenner is a whole-hearted Republican and did vote for Trump during the elections.

She was impressed by the way President Trump approached the people at the Republican National Convention. However, she was highly disappointed when the administration went against few of the Federal guidelines. Being a true advocate of gender equality, she was upset with Trump revoking the law, which allowed transgender public school students to choose which bathroom they want to use.