While Donald Trump is usually the one who gets the most attention in the media, some of his advisers and associates have often found themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has had his fair share of blunders, but it doesn't appear like he's going anywhere anytime soon.

Trump on Spicer

Once it became official that Donald Trump had defeated Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States, all eyes then shifted onto who he would surround himself with in the White House.

The most attention was given to the majority of the nominees for cabinet positions, as well as bringing in former Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon to serve as Chief Strategist. Flying under the radar was Sean Spicer, was who tapped to fill the vacant role of press secretary. Spicer had previously held the job as the communications director for the Republican National Committee, and was a supporter of the former host of "The Apprentice" in the general election. Despite this, Spicer has run into hard times since the start of the new administration nearly 100 days ago. Spicer has often clashed with the press during his daily news briefings, which reached a fever pitch earlier this month when he attempted to compare Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler.

Spicer falsely claimed Hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people, in response to the recent chemical attack in Syria. After forced to apologize for his comments, many wondered if that would it for Spicer's time in the White House. Trump has since refused to fire Spicer, and elaborated further during a April 23 interview with the Washington Post.

According to sources close to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has no interest in getting rid of Sean Spicer because of the high ratings his press briefings bring in on television.

"I'm not firing Sean Spicer," Trump stated. "That guy gets great ratings," he pointed out, while noting, "Everyone tunes in."

Not stopping there, Donald Trump made an odd comparison in regards to his White House Press Secretary. "Trump even likened Spicer’s daily news briefings to a daytime soap opera," the article reads, stating, "his press secretary attracted nearly as many viewers."

Moving forward

With Sean Spicer's job apparently safe, it's unknown what he would have to do to be removed from the administration. Following the track record of others, as long as you don't get exposed for communicating with Russia, or bad-mouth the White House, Donald Trump is likely to keep you on board as long as you promote his agenda.