Three Storm Chasers have perished in an automobile accident. They were in pursuit of a Tornado in the western outskirts of Texas. The state has received a lot of severe weather in recent days. News reports from all over the U.S. have given visual to what Texans have witnessed in storms. A lot of people have died because of these storms, including three individuals who were chasing a tornado to provide a report to the Weather Channel. People from all walks of life took to the news and social media platforms to express their condolences to Kelley Williams, 57, Randy Yarnall, 55, and Corbin Lee Jaeger, 25.

Head-on collision

The incident occurred when one of the drivers approached an intersection and failed to yield the stop sign ahead. The driver went through the crossroads in the rural area and collided with an oncoming vehicle. Authorities say that Williams, Jaeger and Yarnall all died on impact instantly. The SUV Williamson was driving was the vehicle that collided head-on with the Jeep driven by Jaeger. Jose Gonzalez, Sergeant for the Texas Department of Public Safety stated that the event happened near the city of Spur, TX at approximately 3:30 p.m. local time.

Williamson and Yarnall were contractual workers for Weather Channel TV. They were highlighted in the TV series, "Storm Wranglers," which circulated back in October.

Severe weather had occurred

Traffic officials mentioned that a tornado alert was in effect when the crash happened. It is uncertain if the climate conditions played a role in the fatalities. Overwhelming precipitation was accounted for during the crash and authorities are examining whether or not that was a factor.

Meteorologists at the time affirmed that gusts of wind were moving at speeds up to 95mph (152kph) in the area where the accident took place.

The storms have brought hail the size of tennis balls along with strong, powerful winds since then. They were expected to move eastward on Thursday, bringing words of caution to millions of people in the South and Midwest.