After 22 tornadoes ripped through the area, meteorologists are saying they expect several severe thunderstorms to hit the Midwest today. Reportedly in the aftermath of the tornadoes on Tuesday, three people were killed, several others were injured and cars were tossed around on highways. CNN quotes their meteorologist, Michael Guy, as saying around 200 million people are at risk from the expected severe weather, which he says will hit on Wednesday afternoon.

Cars ripped from a junkyard and tossed on the Interstate

The 22 tornadoes that ripped through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Iowa were reported by the National Weather Service.

Of the deaths caused by the tornadoes, CNN quotes Al Nothum, a Missouri Highway State Patrol Sergeant, as saying one man driving on the freeway died near Perryville, Missouri, after a tornado picked up and threw around 20 vehicles from a junkyard out on to the Interstate.

There were reportedly several other injuries caused when other drivers' vehicles were struck by the scattered debris. According to Nothum, that particular tornado picked up approximately 15-20 of the old vehicles, blowing them from the junkyard, across a county road and on to Interstate 55. Fortunately injuries to other drivers in the incident were only minor, which he said, under the circumstances, was amazing.

Two other people killed by the stormy weather

Another man was found dead in a field behind his badly damaged home in the village of Crossville, Illinois, while his wife also sustained injuries and was hospitalized. The third death happened in Ottawa, Illinois, after a man was struck by a falling tree. Police Captain Dave Gualandri said other residents of the town were injured by the tornado ripping through the area.

The town of Perryville was also hit by Tuesday’s tornado, but according to Sheriff Gary Schaaf, all residents are OK and accounted for. Schaaf said they are now trying to clear the roads as best they can. Reportedly a nursing home also suffered damage from the tornadoes in La Salle County, Illinois, but all residents are safe and accounted for.

Bad weather in East Tennessee expected Wednesday

Knoxville News Sentinel reports that severe weather is expected today in East Tennessee, where they are expecting strong winds, hail and possibly some more tornadoes. The severe weather is expected to hit from around 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, according to a special weather report by the National Weather Service. Heavy rainfall is also expected in the area. An advisory warned residents to ensure that loose outdoor objects are secured and told motorists to be extra cautious when driving through possible cross winds.

Alabama to also expect severe weather

A report by states that weather forecasters are keeping an eye on what they term a “volatile” situation, as a line of storms heads towards Alabama on Wednesday morning, with most of the state under storm risk warnings. It is possible that the area may be hit by more tornadoes, but reportedly the threat is limited, with the tornado watch still in effect in Tennessee.