An Instagram post asserting that 14 young ladies had vanished in Washington D.C. circulated all around the web. It has caused distress and turmoil. American citizens have loudly expressed their concerns on how the youth is seeming to disappear in mass numbers dramatically. There’s some relief to the chaos. The post is erroneous. The whole thing was a hoax. Any child vanishing leaves every right to worry. The concern gets worse when multiple children turn up missing all at once. However, at no time lately have 14 Teenage Girls gone missing in Washington, D.C.

area all at once in one day.

What exactly is happening in DC?

Since March 19, police in the D.C. area have delivered 22 fliers concerning missing individuals. Half of these individuals were adolescents. Since Sunday, six of these adolescents have been discovered. Five still were absent to this day. Law enforcement in Washington D.C. have said that there hasn’t been an increase in missing people in their locale. Since executing the strategy of delivering fliers, Commander Chanel Dickerson of the Youth and Family Services division commented that her station has actually exceeded its ability to close cases more rapidly.

Why was this hoax all over Social Media?

Multiple social media accounts from prominent figures all over America are what caused the major spread of the hoax.

After the post listing the girls supposedly missing, prominent names like Russell Simmons and LL Cool J shared the post. The stars' massive following reviewed the share causing millions to believe that 14 little girls vanished randomly all in one day.

Once the celebrities were made aware of the post’s inaccuracies, they deleted their posts but the hoax had already taken effect on the nation.

Recording artist Kehlani expressed her views in response to the hoax. After finding out the whole thing was fake she said on her Instagram, “While handing-off data about this, we must be watchful we hand-off the right information in light of the fact that these are all people groups you ladies.”

She removed the post with the hope that America won’t prey on the lives of its youth just to receive a response.