Young Anna Alekseyevna Repkina migrated to the United States in search of her pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow. However, after migrating to the land of opportunity, the Russian woman found herself in a Love Triangle that ended in horror.

Repkina's body was discovered in the Oregon woods with a lethal wound in the back of her head. The Oregon man accused of shooting her execution style was ironically, her lover as well. PEOPLE broke the news after 27-year-old William Chase Hargrove was arrested by the Benton County Sheriff’s department.

The dead woman’s family had reported that the 27-year-old woman had just moved to the United States from Moscow and was only in the country for about seven weeks.

Victim killed 17 days after moving closer to boyfriend

An announcement by the spokesperson for the Benton County Sheriff's Office said that Repkina arrived in Oregon from Los Angeles on March 1. Inevitably, she settled down in Oregon. Approximately 17 days later her lifeless body was discovered on April 17 in the wooded area in Alsea, which is in Portland's southwest region.

Amie Matusko, who is the Deputy District Attorney (in an interview with the Associated Press) stated that Repkina was lured into a relationship by Hargrove, who was already in a relationship with another woman for an extended period.

Hargrove’s long-term lover portrayed the tangled relationship as an "intriguing affection triangle." It was also ascertained that she had told Hargrove he had to choose between them – It would be one or the other.

Alleged boyfriend killed lover execution style

However, the police will further investigate the case to find out if the other woman was involved in the Russian woman’s murder.

The accused killer is in police custody without bail while awaiting his day in court. Reportedly, the accused man split his time between both ladies, it is unknown if he shared a home with the other woman. It was ascertained that Repkina did not live with him, but had moved to Oregon so she could be closer to her boyfriend.

Matusko told the Associated Press that the other woman gave him an ultimatum, the final offer was either her or the Russian woman. However, Hargrove settled on the choice of killing the young immigrant in a lonely wooded area with a single bullet to the back of her head, “execution style.”