#Erik Prince, the man alleged to have met with a mysterious Russian, Donald Trump and the United Arab Emirates in Seychelles this year, is widely known as the founder of the iffy Blackwater security firm. They became well known for their US abuses in Iraq. There were a series of troubling incidents that made a stir in the media and had many in the public questioning President Bush's grasp of the US's involvement in the Iraq war.

In 2007 the company’s guards were accused and then criminally convicted of killing ordinary civilians in Iraq. Prince subsequently sold the firm which was then given an image and brand overhaul, but has continued establishing itself as a private and exclusive empire of military might with contracts across the #Middle East and Asia.

#Erik Prince himself now runs a Hong Kong-based company which is generally known as the Frontier Services Group. His ties to trump's aides, advisors and associates, and his long range experience with secretive work as well as his budding relationship with leaders of the UAE would make him the ideal go-between for the job at hand.