Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began dating last summer. While some people frown upon long-distance romances, this one seems to be working while the pair are living continents apart. Since they began dating, the "Suits" actress has traveled to England many times. She spent the first two months of the year with Prince Harry. She is there so often and for so long, the actress and the prince are reportedly moving in together even though they are not engaged.

When Meghan is not in England, she meets the prince at other places where they spend time together.

For instance, she met him in Jamaica a few weeks ago to attend Harry's best friend's destination wedding. After the wedding festivities were over, the pair stayed longer to be together. The couple's dual-continent relationship is working, but that reportedly is about to change.

Moving in together

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's romance has moved to the level where they are planning to move in together. Meghan plans to give up her paralegal role on "Suits" after this season is over. She plans to relocate to England to be with Prince Harry. She and the fifth man in line to the throne of England will combine their charities. Meghan will devote time to her humanitarian work. That's what Queen Elizabeth likes about her.

Kensington Palace

According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will move into a spacious apartment in Kensington Palace. The apartment is being renovated, and Harry keeps asking construction workers when it will be ready. It seems like he is in a hurry for Meghan to relocate. Up until now when the 35-year-old actress visits, she stays with her 32-year-old royal boyfriend in his small bachelor apartment at Nottingham Cottage.

Prince Harry's new apartment will be much bigger than the small space he now occupies. The new apartment is close to where Prince William and his family live. Their apartment has 22 rooms with two kitchens. Prince Harry's apartment will be just as spacious with some of the same amenities.

To take such a major step, the two must be in love and certain that their relationship is strong. After all, the actress is making some major decisions to give up her successful career and move to another continent away from family and friends.