Fox News is in the spotlight again. However, this time they are under fire after being hit with a lawsuit. Their contributor, Julie Roginsky, is calling out lewd behavior at the news channel in a claim stating that she was sexually harassed by their chief, Roger Ailes. In her lawsuit, she also claims that she faced discrimination in retaliation to her allegations. Her statements are the latest developments in disturbing grievances levied at 21st Century Fox. Ailes was removed from the network last year after similar allegations to Roginsky’s stemmed from their anchor Gretchen Carlson.

Lawsuit details

The suit was filed on Monday in the Supreme Court out of the state of New York. The claims are filed against several parties, including Fox News, the network’s co-president Bill Shine, and Roger Ailes. Representatives for the network have yet to comment on Roginsky’s suit. Ailes, of course, has denied all charges against him that claim he participated in lewd behavior.

Julie Roginsky looks to seek compensation for punitive damages in addition to other things. She currently isn’t under any arbitration agreement with Fox News. In the lawsuit, Roginsky claims that after she started to appear regularly on "The Five" in 2015, Ailes kept trying to meet with her in private. He would then proceed to make comments to her that were sexual in nature once he achieved that objective.

She mentioned that, in a conversation with Ailes, he said that he would give her a permanent position on "The Five" if she chose to favor him sexually. She refused his advances and ceased any private meetings with the news chief from that point on.

Fox News in really hot seat

Fox News often generates controversy within its media operations.

However, their system has been at the focal point of a frenzy lately. This outcome mainly stems from settlements related to Ailes’ conduct while he was head of the network. The news agency has also been accused of racial discrimination and other controversial acts that are beginning to call the credibility of the network into question.