A total of 41 democrats within the U.S. Senate have declared they will delay the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch. This week, the Democratic filibuster will begin a showdown in the political arena over internal rules. On Monday afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing. During this meeting is when Democrats voted Gorsuch out of a confirmation. The full vote is expected to be obtained by Friday. This means that the Judge needs to pull in some bipartisan support in order to be affirmed again. With the vote being confirmed by Friday, he needs to pull that bipartisan support quickly.

Republicans respond

A few Republican senators have become overwhelmed over the Senate being constrained to bipartisanships. In response to the filibuster, Republicans are prepared to engage in the "nuclear option." This means that they plan to change the Senate’s point of view on Gorsuch by bringing a single majority vote. The hasn’t been done since 2013 when Senate majority leader Harry Reid engaged in the nuclear option to cease all filibusters on Supreme Court nominees.

Prior to the vote on Monday, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that there has only been one filibuster in U.S. history and the plans are for the government to keep it that way by Friday.

Common ground still favors Gorsuch

Republicans and Democrats alike within the Judiciary Committee have agreed that they can’t wait until the Senate majority finally decides to agree on a Supreme Court nominee that is qualified for their position and isn’t involved in any scandals.

Senator Graham believes Gorsuch is a good judge and more than qualified for the position. He doesn’t see why they would vote against a man with a clean reputation under his belt.

Graham expressed his disapproval of the Democratic filibuster in a statement. He stated, “I find it ironic and sad that we’re going to change the rules over somebody who’s lived such a good life who’s been such a good judge for such a long time.

It says more about the Senate than it does Judge Gorsuch.”

Only 7 representatives from the Democratic Party have either voted not to delay the Supreme Court nominee or remain undecided. They all agree that he shouldn’t be delayed from his confirmation. Although it seems as if Judge Neil Gorsuch shouldn’t be looking forward to being Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, there is still hope that he will in the final vote set for this Friday.