On Wednesday's press conference, a reporter asked Sean Spicer to name one, just one, of trump's accomplishments. National correspondent, George Condon asked him to name one of Trump's approvals that passed through Congress that he's most proud of. He added not to include any executive orders since they don't require congressional approval. Spicer's reply was shocking and downright embarrassing.

Spicer struggled

Apparently, Sean knew this question was coming, yet he still couldn't find an answer to the question. Everyone in attendance knew that Spicer wouldn't be able to name one accomplishment because there is none.

Let's be honest here; it's not the press secretary's fault that Trump's presidency so far has been an epic failure. He has yet to get one single thing passed through legislation that he promised to the American people in his campaign speeches. Not one.

Sean answers but it was humiliating

Finally, Spicer answers the question. He said that there's still "a few days" until the first 100 days are up and Trump can sign "plenty" of executive orders in that time.

This White House Press Secretary has his work cut out for him. No one would want his job and be put in the position to defend President Trump's erratic behavior.

Can you name one Trump accomplishment, excluding executive orders so far?