Many people fear getting audited by the IRS for fear they will learn they owe an enormous sum of money. For two people in America, their chance of being audited is 100 percent. That's right, Mike Pence and Donald Trump will be reviewed every year for the next four years. It probably won't be a huge shocker for President Trump as every president and vice president is audit during their public service term.

President and vice president are reviewed every year

Ever since the Watergate scandal, the IRS audits the president and vice president every year.

Both Nixon and vice president Spiro Agnew were involved implicated in a personal tax scandal during the time the press revealed their actions which led to both of them resigning from office.

The policy

According to CNN, Pence and Trump's returns are to be completed and placed into an orange folder. Only certain people are allowed to see the tax documents. The returns are locked in a secure drawer whenever the IRS staff isn't present.

The IRS has not revealed a reason behind the audit of the president each year. Apparently, many believe it is to ensure the commander in chief pays his share of taxes while in office.

IRS said they are legally bound to keep Mike Pence and President Trump's returns confidential. If the agency finds any indication of any tax laws being broken, they have the open to prosecute for fraud or any other tax crime.