The entire world was shocked to see Steve Stephens actually shoot an elderly man on Facebook live. He blamed a woman named Joy Lane saying that it was her fault the man had to die. Now, police are still looking all over for Steve, and it turns out that he has allegedly moved out of Ohio. Everyone needs to be on the watch for this man who is considered armed and dangerous. Facebook did remove the video, but it is still circulating out there so if you don't want to see it be careful what you end up pushing play on today.

What is being revealed about Steve Stephens whereabouts now?

This all went down in Cleveland, Ohio and everyone was on the watch for him. Everyone wants to know where he is as police are on a manhunt looking for him. It turns out that his phone was pinged by cell phone towers Sunday in Erie, Pennsylvania, 100 miles east of Cleveland where the murder took place. Now they really don't know where he is at and are on the lookout all over. Since then, if Steven's phone has been pinged police haven't shared what is going on. He is obviously on the run and police all over are doing what they can to find him.

Chief Calvin Williams did speak out in a press conference today about the whereabouts of Steve, but the thing is police do not really know where is at now.

The last time that anyone actually saw him was where the murder occurred. Steve has shared that he has killed various other people, but there are not any bodies or any proof at this time. Right now, they are looking all over the mid-west and the east coast for him. They actually don't seem to know where he has gone now.

Before this murder, Steve Stephens shared on Facebook that he had lost everything gambling.

He told Facebook that they had four minutes to explain to him why he shouldn't be on death row. It was obvious he was having a hard time, but nobody saw this coming. Right now, there is just a lot of hope that he will be located before anyone else ends up being hurt by him. Now Facebook has deactivated his account, so it doesn't look like he will be located in that way at all.

Obviously, police will continue to ping his phone, but there is no way of knowing that he has it on him for sure and hasn't ditched it somewhere along the way.

Where do you think that Steve Stephens is at now? Do you feel like he has murdered other people or just bluffing about it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Steve Stephens and what is going on with him now.