Cleveland police are on the lookout for a man by the name of Steve Stevie Stephens who appears to be on a killing spree. Stephens recorded a Facebook Live video that depicted him murdering an elderly man on a sidewalk. In the video, Stephens is driving in his car when he spots the man on the sidewalk and claims he’s “found someone to kill...This old dude.” Stephens then gets out of the car and walks up the man on the street. As he approaches the man he asks him to say the name of a woman over and over again until the man does successfully, but he tells Stephens that he doesn't know who she is.

Stephens then tells the man that “she’s the reason this is happening to you,” and the proceeds to pull out a gun and shoot the man at point-blank range in the head.

Easter Day Slaughter 2017

In a different Facebook Live video, Stephens claimed that his behavior today was the result of “a lot of built in anger” and that he has killed 13 (now believed to be closer to 15) people today. In this other video, Stephens says that he has dealt with issues all his life - being criticized and chastised by others and that his recent split from a woman, who will not be named for her safety, was the last straw. Stephens has called his actions an “Easter Day Slaughter” in the videos, which are available to watch on, but absent from Facebook since Stephens’ page has been shut down.

Stephens claimed that he has just “snapped” and that is why he’s done what he has done. It has been confirmed that Stephens, age 37, used to be a counselor at a mental health and behavioral center where he tended to troubled youth and people with mental health issues.

On the hunt

There is currently a manhunt for Stephens and his white Ford Fusion on the streets of Cleveland.

The man killed in the live-streamed shooting has been identified as a Robert Goodwin Sr., age 74, whose family spoke of him with nothing but love and respect. A man believed to be Goodwin’s son said, “He would give you the shirt off his back.”

There has been an increased police presence on the streets of Cleveland in search of Stephens, including the assistance of county officers and the FBI.

Authorities say that Stephens is armed and dangerous and they caution citizens against approaching him. Police are asking that no one approach Stephens, but instead call 911 if you spot him or his car. Stephens is 6’1, 245 and bald with a beard, and believed to still be wearing the blue and black striped shirt that he was wearing in his earlier videos.

This story is still developing and Stephens remains at large.