Cleveland Police are in pursuit of Steve Stephens after he live streamed the murder of Robert Goodwin Sr., a 78-year-old man. The apparent random killing was done during Easter Sunday to the horror of both residents of the area and those who watched it online.

What is Killer's background

Steve Stephens is a 37-year-old mental health case worker and many of his colleagues were shocked at what had happened. He is also a gun owner, as shown in some of his posts as he practices his aim in various shooting ranges. Previous to his murderous rampage, Stephens didn't show any kind of mental health problems and had no run-ins with the law.

What were his motives?

According to Stephens' posts on Facebook, his motives were centered on getting back at an ex-lover named Joy Lane and his financial problems. Police speculate that a love quarrel between the two was the main reason for Steve's random killings, which the murderer claims to number 12 to 15 people already. Though there is no evidence yet for his claims, police are in hot pursuit to catch this individual before he can strike again.

He said grave threats online

In another video posted on his now disabled Facebook account, Steve Stephens contacted a friend and threatens to kill more people until he's caught. Also in the video, are his demands for his ex-lover and her mother to call him immediately or else his killing rampage will continue.

He also added that he had just snapped due to repressed anger and frustration and is ashamed of himself.

Three hours after the incident, Steve Stephens' Facebook page was taken down, though the video of his attack was retrieved for evidence by the local police and the FBI, who are now tracking the said individual. Facebook have also condemned the live-streaming of the murder calling it a horrific crime.

What are police prepared to do to end his rampage?

Cleveland police are on high alert, treating this man as armed and dangerous. Tweets from the police have been circulated online warning residents to keep an eye for the killer.

Cleveland police also warned people that the killer drives a white ford SUV and is believed to have already fled Ohio and is now lurking in nearby states of New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana.

Since his killings spree threat was announced, there are still no reports of recent murders from local hospitals.

Family of murdered man mourns the loss

The family of murdered Robert Goodwin Sr. mourns after receiving the news of the vicious and senseless killing. The son and daughter of Mr. Goodwin told reporters how their father was a good man and how he supported their well-beings through all those years.

Goodwin's children hope that the man is arrested as soon as possible and face justice. At the moment, the police are still in hot pursuit of this armed and dangerous individual.