Ever since President Trump took office, mental health issues have increased in the United States. In December, it rose 30 percent. Researchers claim that it isn't necessarily Trump's fault but American citizens' knee-jerking reaction to his win was not healthy.

Mental disorders on the rise

Since the end of last year, mental illness is at an all-time high. Since January, researchers found that it rose up over 30 percent. The experts speculate that the reason could be Trump.

It 's not really Donald Trump's fault, but his presidency is causing Americans stress and anxiety, which could be the reason for the rise in diagnosed mental disorders.

People can't afford medication

The experts believe there is another reason that it is on the increase again. Apparently, according to Raw Story, people inflicted with psychological problems may not be able to afford their expensive medications. The rising cost of drugs and healthcare could affect the rate of depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders in America.

Millions of American do not have health insurance and it could be a factor in anxiety, depression and stress level in America. Do you believe that Donald Trump's presidency could create stress and anxiety, thus resulting in a rise in mental disorders in America?