Comedian and actress sarah silverman gathered with other anti-Trump protesters on Saturday's "Tax March" protest. She demanded that President Trump release his Tax returns to the public. The POTUS has previously refused to release his tax documents, stating he would make them public after the IRS completed their audit. After the audit was over, he didn't follow through and now says he "sees no reason" to make them public.

Tax March

The Tax March protest took place in several cities around the country on Saturday. The event's organizer also was behind the Women's March, so it's no surprise that some of the same celebrities attended at both events.

During the protest, a few of the celebrities complained that Hillary Clinton lost the election and even implied that the election was stolen from her by someone that has alleged connections to Russia.

"Show us your f***ing tax returns, you emotional child! You like being a superficial bully? Here's on for you, you are a three at best," Silverman shouted to the anti-Trump crowd according to American News.

Sarah tweeted some of the signs she used in the protest, all of which either call for Trump's tax returns release or attack him in some way.

Trump responds to the protest

It's probably not a huge surprise that Trump responded to the protest in a big way. On Sunday, Trump has a meltdown on Twitter about the event, calling for a "complete investigation" into who funded the Tax March protest.

Donald Trump revealed in a series of tweets that his 2016 taxes was paid and he doesn't need to release them because "the election is over."

The president doesn't understand why the tax returns are an issue again.

He claims that he did what "no other Republican could" and won the Electoral College "easily."

Trump claims Tax March attendees were paid

One of Trump's claims was the people that attended the protest were paid to be there. This isn't the first time he has made this claim, only this time, he called for an investigation into who is running these events.

The president himself used paid actors to pose as regular people at his rallies during his 2016 campaign. He has talked at length about the election results and his victory against Hillary Clinton.

In March, Trump attacked Hillary at a rally, claiming that she should apologize for getting the debate questions beforehand. Of course, Mrs. Clinton never responded to his ridiculous demand, but many of his supporters still believe that the former secretary of state owes Trump an apology.

New tax bill to force presidents to show returns

There is a new tax bill that would require presidential candidates to show their tax returns. Before Trump, nominees would reveal their tax returns as part of the election process. The Tax Day protesters call for lawmakers to implied a law forcing candidates to prove that they pay taxes by showing their recent returns before taking office.

Trump's camp has repeatedly refused to release his documents. He dismissed the idea that "the majority" of the country wanted to see them, stating that it was only " a hot topic to the liberal journalists." Obviously, that isn't entirely accurate because the majority of Democrats support forcing the president to release his tax returns.

A recent poll in January found that 74 percent of Americans believe that Trump has an obligation to release his tax returns as the president.

President Trump continues to claim that the protest attendees were paid actors in an attempt to "make him look bad."

At the time of this writing, there is no investigation into who is running the anti-Trump protests.

Do you think Trump has an obligation to release his tax returns as president?