If you want to know whether there will be a government Shutdown you could do pretty well reading the Axios dispatch below. In essence, Democrats are in the driver's seat because any shutdown at all will be mainly blamed on the ruling party. In the Senate, there is a hint of cooperation but it could all go haywire when Trump intervenes.

What Trump wants

Try a victory, any victory. The only thing Trump has is the Gorsuch confirmation which cost him the use of the nuclear option for the first time in a SCOTUS context. The problem is that Trump's ideas are so toxic the GOP may be sorely tempted to nuke their way through the legislative season despite the fact that that would be close to treasonous.

Should sanity take hold

It is possible that Axios will be proved right ant there will be a compromise. But given Trump's thirst for a victory, like for his wall, all bets are off. We are in the soup. Show us a sane voice. Show us a leader. You will not find one on any side of the aisle or in the White House. This is a draconian take. There are plenty on the sidelines who think they have it figured out, but in the thick of it you end up with events like the first Trumpcare debacle and what may prove to be the Gorsuch mistake.

Accentuate the positive

Some news is cyclical.

Like the recent NY Times story that says a positive outlook may be good for your health. That is known as a truism. It is like saying if you eat peanuts you may gain weight. Some do, some don't. Nevertheless, such stories generally have some evidence. Those who wish to delve into possible proofs may do so by following the tweet below.

Ted Cruz may be staying in Texas

The last place Ted Cruz wants to be confined to is the Lone Star State. He was made to emulate Joe McCarthy on the floor of the US Senate. But there is a wrinkle just now. He is being challenged for his Senate seat by one Joaquin Castro of the famous twins who hail from San Antonio.

Castro now leads Cruz by four points. Lone Ranger music plays in the background. There is a push all over but it has not broken through yet. This is what petrifies the GOP.

This is today and potential. But today offers a good chance to reflect that democracy is not dead as the result of the Trump victory. It is springing up all over in demonstrations that are nonviolent and carefree. It is essentially pushing the GOP into the sheepish admission that they have been bad, really bad. That is almost like penitence. Perhaps this is a pipe dream. But there is hope for everyone who breathes. And that bit of American philosophy makes even the Cruella De Ville in the White House within reach of salvation.