When Donald Trump is tweet-storming the last headline is always wrong. That's how it is in Trumpworld. One day we may remember is with nostalgia. In Georgia today people are working hard to make certain that that day of remembrance is sooner than later. You can learn all about the election and the initial tweets of the President at the commencement of the storm in this just-posted account.

What is interesting about the continuing tweetstorm is the consistency of the dog whistles and the fact that they are seeming a bit worn around the edges. Almost the same old same old.

Take a look. Wait. How about a spoiler alert? Predictit just weighed in with the following contest tweet: "Latest odds for GA06 special election tomorrow: 18% chance of an outright winner, 41% chance that Ossoff wins at any point" This accords with everything else. Now here are Donald's dog whistles.

And here is the next

This is almost textbook stuff.

But Trump is of course right. Jon Ossoff could be the biggest disaster yet to his sputtering administration with its wounded agenda and its divided head. The divided head is Donald Trump who is clearly divided between learning to be president and reverting back to the familiar hermetic style that befits a mogul who has always found a way to make defeat look like a victory even when it wasn't.

FOX and friends

Clearly, Donald has a full day. He has now completed an early morning interview at Fox and Friends noted below.

When you can pivot from Georgia's special election to North Korea, you are getting the President Trump you may have hoped for.

Of course, when you see that there is only one network that can be used as a reliable mouthpiece, the one with the sex offender principals, you have to revise and say sort of Presidential. It is such adjustments that are required in these parlous times. The press will now be able to surmise that China is in the game more than we might have believed. And thank the Lord, there were no bombing surprises this morning.

Rollercoaster anyone?

And so it goes. Trump is hidden tax returns, hidden Russia, dog whistles, FOX dependent, maybe president. "When do we get to go back home to Florida? There's a problem with the kitchen there. Without me to ride herd the whole thing goes wrong."

It's probably true that Trump lives in the now.

It is also probably true that his mode of total control is being stretched by the exigencies of his office. It does not help when the only thing anyone can think of saying is a prayer that Trump gets poisoned. Maybe we need Jon Ossoff in the White House.