The breaking news today is the special election in Georgia where a young and personable Jon Ossoff, called a liberal Democrat by the President, leads the field in what is called an open primary. It is in Newt Gingrich's old district north of Atlanta. Axios has provided a window so you can watch the action via the tweet posted below.

This is not like the special election in Kansas where the GOP won by a supposedly narrow margin. They won. They won because the Democrats treated the contest with the same lack of luster that they have treated many elections during the Obama-trump era.

It is beginning to dawn on the Democrats that anger is a noble weapon and requires no elaborate platform The difference in Georgia is anger at the grass roots. And the anger happens to be among Democrats who do not like to see their kids come home from school with stories of nativist insults. The rightly blame Trump for threatening the democracy.

Let's go look at Donald

We featured Mr. Trump's initial tweet on the Georgia election yesterday and pointed out that he was citing all the reasons his administration is failing. This morning we find a second tweet just as Axios indicates.

Here it is.

Donald is correct. Because if Ossoff goes long and makes up the few points he lacks to be the total favorite in the race, there will indeed be a mano a mano contest down the road.

So the measure of anger felt by the grassroots democrats in this Republican district will be either 45 points and a runoff or 51 points and egg in the President's face. It is interesting to see the calculating side of Donald. It comes into play when you consider that in addition to running the country he also maintains a close relationship with his burgeoning global business empire, with help from his sons Don, Jr., and Eric.

Lower taxes and safety?

Consider this. There is Donald tweeting about taxes coming down and safety which covers the waterfront to protect us from the crimes that are not happening but which might so be careful. But here is the situation. He is sitting on a failed healthcare bid which he has now doubled-down on, being a man of consummate pride. Donald does not lose, remember? But there is no way, given the way Washington works, that he will get anything done on taxes until August at the earliest, according to people who know. And if his defective health plan fizzles a second time, he will have no financial basis for lowering anything. Donald is being a good soldier and he is right about Mr. Ossoff. The young guy is a liberal who wants to reform the justice system and do everything else that Trump does not want to do. That's why this is a big deal.