Sean Spicer held his first press briefing since Tuesday when he claimed that not even Hilter used chemical warfare on his citizens. Spicer announced the United States dropped the first non-nuclear bomb(MOAB) ever used in battle. Spicer added that the military targeted a system of tunnels and caves in Afghanistan used by ISIS fighters. The military believes that the US troops and Afghan forces will be able to move more freely.

How much did Donald Trump know?

Spicer didn't comment on whether Trump had signed off on the decision to blast the non-nuclear weapon.

First, Spicer said that he wasn't going to go into the details, then stated that the POTUS let the Defense handle the lead on this.

When pressed Spicer still refused to say if Trump was in on the decision to drop the bomb. Afterward, it was clear that Trump approved of the move and praised the military.

Was the location a coincidence?

The reporters didn't ask Sean if the site of the blast has any importance. It was the same providence where Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar was killed on April 8. Many suspect that the attack could have been in connection with the Special Forces soldier's death, but the White House has yet to confirm that.

Is Trump a flip-flopper?

Spicer defended Trump when asked if he is a flip-flopper, stating that the president hasn't changed, the circumstances have changed.

He added that the world is a different place than it was a year ago, the time when Trump made a host of campaign changes.

According to Deadline, Trump promised to get more done in his first 100 days than President Obama did during his eight-year term. So far, he's 84 days in, and he hasn't fulfilled one of his campaign promises.

The POTUS has discovered that it is hard work working with Congress and getting the approval to get bills approved.

The president thought that within the first 30 days he would have repealed and replaced ObamaCare plus started building the Mexican border wall.

His healthcare bill was a complete failure, and he ran into trouble getting the funding for the wall. Maybe, he should

Maybe, he should have listened to Obama when he tried to give him advice? Barack tried to tell him that this job will teach you to be patient and compromise. It was as if he was telling him, "I know you want to get tings done, but you may have to compromise and wait for things to get approved."

Defense spending upped over $50 billion

Spicer said that another reason that Trump hasn't been able to get things done is that NATO recommended they increase their defense budget. He rambled for a while about how NATO has derailed Trump from getting "his work done."

With the budget in place until April 28, Trump plans to up the defense spending by $54 billion.

That's not even considering the cost of the Mexican border wall, which will probably be funded by American taxpayers.

Trump vows that within the next four years he will repeal and replace ObamaCare. He calls the health care act a "disaster" and "needs to go." Spicer believes that Trump is making progress and "in time" everything will come together.

“We’re making significant progress, and I feel good about the momentum," Sean Spicer said during the Friday Press Briefing.

Spicer doesn't want to get involved with who is the nice one or naughty one.

He stands by President Trump, and he believes he will guide the country to a better place. Basically, Sean Spicer avoided the question on whether Trump is a flip-flopper, stating that he didn't change his position on policies, but the world changed and Trump re-adjusted his views.

Do you think Donald Trump is a Flip Flopper? Do you think he will fullfill any of his 2016 campaign promises?