Back in February, Russian confederation spy ships were spotted cruising along the Eastern coast of the United States. However, the ships did not enter the waters surrounding the U.S.A., but continuously cruised along its coastal waters while managing to stay in international waters.

Russian long-range missile aircraft picked up by U.S. radar

And just recently, for the second continuous night, two long-range missile aircraft belonging to Russia were seen basking along the Alaskan coastline. But while it stayed a fair distance in February, with the two recent episodes on Monday and Tuesday night, the aircraft came surprisingly closer inland to the United States border.

The news was disclosed by U.S. authorities to Fox News, they also stated that the fighter planes flew close to the Aleutian Island which is on the northern end of Alaska.

Reportedly, the two atomic bombers, which were identified as Tu-95H planes, were picked up by the U.S. military's radar just about 5:00 p.m. local U.S. time. However, while the spy planes were detected by the armed forces, there was no fighter jets dispatch to protect the region.The U.S. Air force instead propelled a solitary E-3 Sentry known as AWACS as a warning. This was done to ensure that the two Russian planes that flew close to Alaska were not decoys for other enemy planes flying underneath or next to the Russian aircraft bombers.

Putin positioned warplanes 1000 miles of Alaska

According to officials, the Russian planes flew from the Petropavlovsk airbase in Russia and after flying just about 100 miles of Alaska they returned to Russia's Anadyr airbase in the eastern part of the country – and just about 1,000 miles from the regional waters of the Alaskan state, which is 12 nautical miles from international waters.

Ironically, the last time Russia flew planes close to the United States borders were on July 4, 2015, and at that time Russian President Vladimir Putin made a call to the White House wishing then-President Barack Obama a wonderful Independence Day. The dispatched Russian Spy planes cruised 40 miles of Mendocino along the California coastline as well as along the Alaskan coastline.

Recently, Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un have been locked in a bitter war of words after the North Korean leader refused to curtail its destructive missile program. However while the rhetoric increased between both countries' leaders, the Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned Trump of launching a real war against the United States if he continues to bomb Syria's military base. Trump and Putin had friendly exchanges as of recently; but today, the big question is: whose side is Russia's Vladimir Putin really on?