Russian Officials have warned of possible nuclear conflict as the US continues to build up missile defense system in Europe. They further express worry over the risk posed by Washington’s nuclear pile up in Europe.

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the US ballistic missile defense system with its sophisticated network of sea, air and land asset is a grave threat to the process of consolidation of political and regional stability. He made a claim in a conference on international security in Moscow. Russia fears that the US military build-up in Europe could encourage unilateral military action using nuclear force.

Russia's concern

“The US anti-missile defense installations across Europe may increase impunity and lead a deliberate attempt by the Washington to take unilateral action in the resolution of global and regional issues, and including the reduction of the amount of nuclear weapon us.” The Russian Foreign Minister told his audience.

The Russian first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, also said that computer simulations indicate the European arm of the US global missile defense system was targeted at Russia and China, which poses a serious threat to Russia’s national security. He claimed that such missile build-up is a preparation to launch a surprise attack on Russia.

Claims by Russian officials

The head of Moscow’s defense and security committee in the upper house of parliament Frants Klintsevich posted an expanded version of both Lavrov and Poznikhir’s assertions on social media. He initially said that the United Kingdom would be totally wiped out of the surface of the earth if it ever tries to launch a nuclear attack, he wrote that the international community, the US, and Russian citizens must hear these words, but they have nothing to fear since the situation is under control.

Klintsevich said.

US nuclear policy

In contrast, the US has said that the main role of the US nuclear missile is to deter and prevent nuclear strikes on the United States, or partners and allies worldwide. And that such weapon could only be used to defend and protect the US interest or allies and partner in the most difficult situation where military action is the only option.

Russia has also announced that it would increase its nuclear arsenal, citing recent global concern. Moscow said it has become necessary for Russia to brace up for the future.