In response to the failed missile test of North Korea, US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson said that it might be a matter of time before North Korea develops weaponry capable of hitting the United States mainland.

This confirms Admiral Harris' statement during the Senate briefing in the White House last Wednesday that North Korea doesn't have the missiles that can reach the US mainland. However, trump is somewhat expecting a war to break out any minute.

Trump sends political tirade in Twitter after botched missile test

A few hours after North Korea's failed missile test, President Trump tweeted that Kim Jong-Un have disrespected China.

It is a known fact that China is a major ally of North Korea and that it was instrumental for the creation of the rogue state during the Korean war in the 1950s. Trump said that North Korea is China's responsibility.

Trump intends to use the recent missile test to pressure China more into action against its regional ally. At the moment, only tough reprimands from Beijing is the limits of its action against Pyongyang. However, because of this event, China may be finally forced "punish" Pyongyang for its belligerent behavior.

South Korea on the other hand is facing trade dispute against the US as Trump wants to renegotiate the Korean-US free trade agreement or KORUS, which he calls a "horrible deal." Trump also said that he wants South Korea to pay for the newly installed THAAD system, but military officials in Seoul are rejecting and rebuffing such an offer saying that it is an "impossible deal" to make.

President Trump expects a conflict to erupt between the US and North Korea

Amidst all of this events unfolding, Trump said to reporters in the Oval office that there is a chance that America will end up having a major, major conflict with Pyongyang. However, Trump is still hoping that China will eventually intervene and quell the belligerent nature of its only regional ally.

However as Trump waits for China to do something, He may issue orders to send more US troops into the Korean peninsula as a show of force. After the installation of the THAAD missile defense, US presence in the area is slowly becoming secured. It is expected by many analysts that another aircraft carrier group may be sent to the area as precautionary measures if North Korea does fire missiles against its neighbors namely Japan and South Korea.

At the moment, people can only speculate what will Trump's next move over this issue be, which may eventually lead to a heated war with not only North Korea, but with countries that will eventually side with it.