President Trump administration’s policy on immigration could see the US First Lady Melania Trump being deported. In a suit before the Supreme Court, the administration has argued that even an “immaterial mistake" on official paperwork is enough reason for deportation.

Allegation against the First Lady

Melania was alleged to have failed to report her earnings on an unauthorized work in the US on a visitor’s visa; she is also accused of a deliberate refusal of mentioning the illegal act on immigration records.

A woman from Serbia was deported recently for not disclosing her husband’s years of engagement in the military, hence setting a legal and technical precedence for the First Lady’s deportation.

Melania Trump was accused of earning more than $20,000 in her first seven weeks of entering the US before receiving authorization to work. She acquired US citizenship in 2006 after applying for a green card in 2001.

The strict immigration policy

The Trump administration’s new policy empowers immigration officials to facilitate the deportation of any foreign national who has involved in fraudulent activities or willful misrepresentation about any official issues or application before a government establishment or agency.

The Defense Counsel to the Justice Department Robert Parker who defended the verdict against Maslenjak at the Supreme Court said that even a minor offense of driving at 60mph in a 55mph zone in a 20-year-old case is enough reason to withdraw citizenship.

Petition against Melania Trump

More than 500 thousand people have signed a petition urging the First Lady to relocate from New York’ Trump Tower or be responsible for the payment of her own security cost. The New York City Police Department estimates that $127,000 and $146,000 is needed for protecting the Melania Trump and Her Son Baron Trump.

This amount is being paid by the taxpayer, according to a letter to the members of New York City’s delegation to Congress.

Although the Mrs. Trump has said that she would relocate in June, till then, the estimated cost is around $18.2 million. However, Her Husband President Trump seek has proposed a cut in social care, healthcare, education and the arts in his first budget.

The White House has repeatedly defended the proposed budget cut.

The Trump administration has faced several legal suits in its first 1000 days in office. Protesters are frequently on the street voicing their opposition to the government's policies.