During this week's recess, Republican members of congress are copping an earful from their constituents. Furious crowds, protests and tough questions have featured in the week's #town hall meetings, a time when senators open up their schedules to hear from those back home in their districts.

Across the country, angry citizens are venting their upset over the GOP's plan to repeal and replace #Obamacare, Russia's alleged interference in the election, the travel ban, and other issues.

New York country had a blazing debate

New York Rep. #Tom Reed faced a series of tough questions from irate voters during the town halls he attended over the weekend in western New York.

A similarly #volcanic response is being displayed in hot red zones, extending from Reed's New York region to Iowa and Kentucky. President Trump – along with some other national republicans – have attempted to paint the outburst as the work of progressive activists. Trump wrote on Tuesday: 'The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!'

Organizers and activists who are distressed about Donald Trump's actions and policies in his first few weeks of office have been pouring into events compered by Republican members of Congress to vocalize their discontent on a variety of issues. The #affordable care act's waning days has attracted a huge amount of fury, earning the week the title of 'resistance recess'.

Irate views on healthcare reform

Reed arrived at the Ashville senior center for his first town hall and found a crowd so huge that the meeting had to be moved outside to a parking lot. People had come from far and wide to hear about plans for medical health insurance. Others came because they were frustrated or angry and wanted their opinions – and in some cases, their #rage – heard.

"First and foremost, we are going to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare," Reed told the expansive crowd, and in return he was bombarded with boisterous and long-lasting boos. The #repeal and replacement of Obamacare is the Republicans' biggest challenge at the moment. Their lack of agreement over a plan to replace Obama's unique health care law, despite making it the cornerstone of their campaign platform for several years, is alienating angry citizens.

On Saturday, Reed was questioned again and again about the Republican party's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. While he said he was keen to keep some of the popular provisions in the law – such as pre-existing conditions and allowing those aged 26 and below to stay on their parents' plan – he didn't have any answer for other issues, and this angered the crowd.

Medicare reform draws an angry response too

Others at the town hall became incensed when Reed outlined why he thought #Medicare reform was needed. People chanted 'Do not privatize' over and over again as seniors displayed their outrage at the possible removal of Medicare.

There were also many personal health stories from families and people who had benefited from #Obamacare, and who would be disadvantaged if elements of the law, such as the preexisting conditions term, were changed.