North Korean state media have warned that they will attack the United States using nuclear weapons on any sign of American aggression. That also includes the US navy, which is located in the western Pacific, reports Reuters.

President Donald Trump has called upon China to curb its impoverished neighbor since the North Korea is obviously "looking for trouble". He also said that if China can not solve this problem, the United States will take upon themselves to do so. The Pentagon has sent a 97 000-tonne aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, in the Pacific, accompanied by two destroyers and cruisers equipped with guided missiles.

Tensions escalated after the military action in Syria

Tensions escalated on the Korean Peninsula after the military action of the United States in Syria and the announcement by North Korea that they could soon carry out six nuclear tests. Korean official newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote that Korea is ready to respond to any aggression by the US. "Our revolutionary army watches every movement of the enemy troops, and our nuclear warheads are pointed to US military bases, not only in South Korea and the Pacific but also on American soil," the statement said.

South Korea has already warned of a "major provocation" that came from North. Acting President and Prime Minister of South Korea Hwang Kyo-Ahn ordered the army that they increase supervision and close communication with the US.

"North Korea provokes by using nuclear tests which are held on the days of various anniversaries and holidays in our country," said Hwang.

China has put pressure on North Korea

North Korea should stop all plans for nuclear activities and activities with missiles "for their own safety," the Chinese newspaper reported. China is warning that the United States have clearly demonstrated that they do not plan to "coexist" with Pyongyang, which has nuclear weapons.

North Korean state media warned of the possibility of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of US aggression, while US naval battle group is heading towards the western Pacific.

The Korean Peninsula was not so close to the "military conflict" since North Korea carried out its first nuclear test in 2006, said the influential Chinese national tabloid newspaper The Global Times.

"Not only is Washington reliant and arrogant after missiles to Syria, but Trump also wants to be considered a man who fulfills his promises," said the official newspaper of the Communist Party, The People's diary.

The Global Times, whose position can not be equated with the policy of the Chinese government, said that Beijing will probably strongly respond to any North Korean test. "If North Korea takes another provocative move this month, Chinese society will want to (UN Security Council) adopt harsh restrictive measures which have not been seen before, such as restrictions on imports of oil to the North," said the newspaper.

It is expected that Pyongyang will celebrate with a military parade to mark the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il-Sung, founder of North Korea and grandfather of the current ruler.

North Korea often marks important anniversaries with tests of its nuclear weapons or missiles.

US officials earlier stressed that tougher sanctions are most likely the method wich they will use to try to put pressure on the North Korea to give up its nuclear program, although Washington says that all options, including the military one, are on the table.