President Donald Trump lost a large number of supporters overnight, with his missile attack on Syria, including people who were strongly engaged with regard to him winning the elections.

Many distance themselves from Trump

Among those who have publicly distanced themselves from trump also has prominent faces. One of them is the British politician Nigel Farage, who is according to many, largely responsible for taking Britain out of the European Union. In terms of attacks on Syria, he said: "I am very surprised by what happened. I think it will be a large number of Trump's voters ask what happened and where is this going?

". The attack on Syria condemned noting: "Whatever Assad's sins are, he is secular." He also said that the images of chemical attacks were "terrible", but, unlike many other politicians, he determined the culprit.

Even the French right-wing candidate, which has so far supported Trump, responded by criticizing him. "I'm surprised because Trump has on many occasions said that he does not want the United States to continue to be the world's policeman, and what he did last night was just that, "said Marine Le Pen. She also said she does not want to see Iraq and Libya situation again where Western intervention caused "chaos and strengthening of terrorist organizations".

Among the influential actors who have explicitly renounced Trump for an attack on Syria was a commentator of American channel Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson, who said: "It seems that Trump was not Putin's puppet, he is actually just another puppet of deep state / neo-conservatives.

I of now officially get off the Trump's train."

The key message that Trump brought to the White House

Many American voters, even those who disagreed with a number of Trump's attitudes and policies, nonetheless voted for him because he kept repeating to infinity that the United States must stop foreign military interventions, particularly in the Middle East.

This is perhaps the key message that Trump brought to the White House.

The situation was well described by an American commentator Ann Coulter who pointed out on her Twitter page: "Those who wanted to interference in the Middle East voted for other candidates. Trump has campaigned on not interfering in the Middle East. He said that any interference always helps American enemies and creates additional refugees. And then he saw the photo on TV ... "