Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that overthrowing Bashar al-Assad is now the top priority of the American administration in Syria. Before the chemical attack happened in the province of Idlib, the removal of Assad from power was not on the list of priorities.

The destruction of ISIL

"We have three strategic goals in Syria; the destruction of ISIL is the number one, followed by removing Assad from power. Because as long as he is there, we do not see the possibility of achieving peace. Syria needs a democratic government without Assad. The third goal is to throw the influence of Iran in Syria" claimed Haley in yesterday's interview with CNN.

US President Trump had a very turbulent reaction to news of the chemical attack, announcing that Assad crossed several red lines that should not have been crossed. Just a few hours later, an air base of Assad's army was buried in 59 long-range missiles, and the climate toward the future of the Syrian president was completely changed.

The rocket attack vehemently strained relations between Washington and Moscow, one of Assad's allies, who are, for the first time in recent months, balancing on the brink of conflict. The situation is not exactly soothed even after Haley publicized American strategic objectives in Syria, which do not really coincide with Moscow's vision of the future of that country.

Tillerson arrived in Moscow on Tuesday where he said that he will bring evidence that the poison was dropped by Assad's army and that Russian drones flew over this area prior to the attack.

The aggression against the sovereign state

The joint alliance that consists of Russia, the Syrian army, and Iran, sent a statement saying that they will respond to each new attack on Syria and that they will not allow the United States to become the world's policeman who does what it wants and implements aggression against a sovereign state.

"American aggression exceeded all red lines and we consider it dangerous because it could lead to a destabilization of the entire region. We will not stand by and just watch. We will continue to fight against the terrorist organization called Islamic State. The new US administration led by Trump revealed that they will lead an aggressive policy. US has no right to launch unilateral military action without UN approval," the statement said.