Earth Day should have been honored by the beauty around us and all of its nature and wildlife. It is disturbing to learn that our President’s son, Trump, Jr. celebrated the day by killing nursing and pregnant Prairie Dogs in Montana. His reasoning for the killings is to support Republican Greg Gianforte, an entrepreneur who is vying for a seat in the U. S. House in Montana State. The two men had plans to go hunting the defenseless animals on Saturday morning.

The views and statements by Representative Gianforte and animal advocates

When confronted about the hunting plans, he was in full support, saying that he is showing good hospitality by shooting the prairie dogs.

Documentation does indicate that these little rodents were classified as an agricultural pest, hunted and killed to prevent crop damage. The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks states that the prairie dogs are now a concern because of their dwindling numbers due to various factors including disease. Director Lindsay Sterling Krank of the Humane Society’s Prairie Dog Coalition told Associated Press that at least 100 species depend on these animals for food and shelter. She added that shooting and killing the prairie dogs is not the best conservation method. However, Gianforte is in total disagreement, saying that it is fun to shoot and kill the nursing rodents along with the son of President Trump.

He adds that anyone who has not shot and killed a prairie dog does not know how much fun it is.

Views expressed by Donald Trump, Jr.

April is known as the nursing season for prairie dogs, making it a tragedy for them if their moms are killed. The pups will die of starvation. When Representative Gianforte sought the empty Congressional seat following former U.

S. Rep. Ryan Zinke within the Trump administration, Donald Trump, Jr. supported the candidate through the slaughter of pregnant and nursing prairie dogs. The election date for the seat is set for May 25th, and Montana residents are left wondering whether such a candidate with a cold heart for animals is deserving of the role and leaves questions regarding Donald Trump, Jr.

who is no stranger to game hunting with brother Eric.

Montana was the notoriety state that voted for President Trump and Trump, Jr. felt the need to support Gianforte by shooting the pregnant and nursing prairie dogs. Currently, when another game is not in season, there is no limit as to how many of these animals can be killed. The residents of Montana and the Humane Society have grave concerns regarding the views of these politicians that killing these animals is fun and the people are outraged by their actions and comments.