The raccoon is a wild animal that forages for food predominantly in the dark of night. The animal is not known to be a friend of man or other animals, but when one little guy found herself in danger, a human family took her in to rehabilitate her and give her a second chance at life. They named her Pumpkin. Her rescuers, the Kemp’s could not just walk away when the baby seemed to be abandoned, but they never could predict how Pumpkin would relate to the other housemates in the home.

The rescue of Pumpkin, the baby raccoon

It is not uncommon for raccoons to wander onto your personal property in search of food, often living there without your knowledge.

But when a baby raccoon fell out of the backyard tree, Rosie Kemp took the youngster in to help it have a chance to live. The raccoon baby, estimated to be a month old had a broken back leg and was feeble. Ms. Kemp waited to see if mom would show up to care for her baby but it became apparent that Pumpkin the baby raccoon was an orphan. Ms. Kemp and her daughter Laura Young took on the task of raising the cub as one of their own, which they say was a full-time job.

Pumpkin required feedings every couple of hours around the clock, while also keeping her warm and toasty. Ms. Kemp stated that the raccoon is a brilliant animal, very observant and aware, with the ability to express emotion. The rescue of this adorable little helpless creature also showcases amazing animal relationships when Pumpkin snuggled her way into the home of Rosie and William Kemp, along with their two Rescue Dogs.

The relationship between Pumpkin, Toffee, and Oreo the rescue dogs

From the first moment when Rosie Kemp and her daughter Laura took Pumpkin into their home after she apparently lost her mom, they felt a special connection with the sweet, gentle and intelligent creature.

The family did not know what to expect when introducing this new addition to the rest of the household, which included two rescue dogs named Toffee and Oreo. Pumpkin had an instant connection with the both dogs, as the three formed an instant and incredibly tight bond. The Kemp’s state that Pumpkin now thinks she is a dog, following her housemates everywhere, learning to play with them and rough housing, respecting the dogs when they have had enough.

You can see more adorable pictures of the three rescues on Pumpkin the raccoon Facebook page. Most people view the raccoon as a wild animal to be enjoyed only from a distance, but no one met Pumpkin with his cute, gentle and affectionate personality.