In a state-regulated periodical in China, Beijing said that it will not take action if the US conducts Preemptive Strikes against North Korea, though they will not condone it. This is after China had apparently ordered its air defenses to be on high alert against a possible war on the North Korean peninsula, which Beijing now denies.

China will still send basic needs to North Korea despite tension

Despite the growing tension between Pyongyang and Washington, China will continue to allow adequate oil exports to North Korea for its citizens to go on with daily lives.

China wants to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Pyongyang, which will occur if exports are completely cut off. North Korea is heavily dependent on Chinese exports as it is the only lifeline that supports the country’s survival.

However, China doesn’t support Pyongyang's nuclear adventure and vowed to drastically limit exports if the country still conducts another nuclear test. China doesn’t recognize North Korea as a nuclear state and doesn’t plan on doing so. This is good news to the United States as a belligerent Nuclear Korea is a major catastrophe for America.

Update on Trump’s stand against North Korea

trump continually encourages countries, especially China, to impose stricter sanctions on North Korea in order to force them to the diplomatic table.

However, China is adamant that they will not halt limited exports to North Korea. Items that have dual use – such as metals, which can be used by the military – are now banned. Business as usual is how Chinese traders describe the ambiance between Pyongyang and Beijing as they trade unsanctioned goods by the United Nations.

Trump's apparent move to curb North Korean threat is to continue dialogue with China to cooperate in strangling Pyongyang to end its nuclear ambition. Though military action is still on the table, the Pentagon said that every diplomatic avenue will be exhausted before resorting to military strikes.

President Trump has been more conservative in divulging military actions lately

Another shift in the president’s demeanor is being more conservative in releasing military information to the public. Trump has placed his ultimate trust on his soldiers. This is the reason why he kept mum about the plan against North Korea as the spread of such information may result in failure and more loss of American lives. It is frankly better for Trump to avoid commenting on military operations than may blunder himself towards war.