The American Eagle is a beautiful majestic bird of prey and is a true symbol of glory for the United States. In an effort to protect these creatures, several cameras are watching over eagle nesting sites across our great country. While overseeing the live cam in Washington, D. C., it was noted that one of the eaglets was in distress, needing immediate attention. Rescuers were immediately called in to save the little guy and determine his well-being due to the incident. There were concerns that DC4 may have a broken leg, especially due to his struggling out of his dilemma.

The viewing of the Eagle nest in Washington, D.C.

A pair of mated Bald Eagles known by the names ‘Mr. President’ and ‘The First Lady' live in a tranquil nest site in the Washington, D. C. area. The nest was at the National Arboretum, high atop a beautiful Tulip Poplar tree, surrounded by a collection of azalea. When the nest was created, an eagle cam was set up to view the bald eagle pair, and how they raise their young, two eaglets named DC4 and DC5 that were hatched on March 29th and 30th, 2017. While keeping a close eye on the little family late on the afternoon/evening of April 20th, it was apparent that DC4’s leg became wedged within a Y-shaped branch located on the outer edge of the nest.

After noticing the youngster was struggling and unable to get freed, it was determined that the assistance from rescuers was necessary.

Efforts by rescuers to save eaglet DC4 from possible injuries

The American Eagle Foundation with Al Cecere and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services worked together and arranged the rescue of eaglet DC4.

The young bird was initially examined to determine if there was any serious injury but the USFWS Eagle expert did not feel the leg was broken. At 8:00 pm EDT on the day of the incident, and prior to impending rain showers and thunderstorms, DC4 was quickly sent to a veterinarian for a full examination and X-rays. He was taken to a zoo vet located in Maryland.

The exam was able to confirm no breakage of the limbs but did show some swelling of the leg and some abrasion. The hope is that the eaglet will get to return to its nest, siblings, and parents within a few days with a clean bill of health. Once the entire family is all back together, you can view their life until the eaglets take flight by following the American Eagle Foundation or the DC Eagle Cam. You can watch DC4 and brother DC5 as they develop into stunning specimens as adults like their famous parents ‘Mr. President’ and ‘The First Lady.'