The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge -- otherwise known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, reportedly met survivors of the Bataclan attack from 2015 on Saturday, an attack where gunmen killed 90 people during an Eagles of Death Metal concert; 190 total in Paris.

Their visit took place at the same time that 39-year-old Ziyed Ben Belgacem -- a Paris-born suspect and radicalized Muslim -- was shot and killed at the Orly airport for trying to grab a rifle from an air force officer. Along with the terrorist attack at Bataclan, the latest incident has been reported as one of the many extremist related attacks to plague Paris.

Raid on Belgacem during Bataclan

It's been reported that before he assaulted the officer at the airport, Ziyed Ben Belgacem wounded a police officer after shooting at them during a traffic stop with a pellet gun. After this, he fled and apparently used the gun in a carjacking, and shot at patrons at a bar hitting no one.

What's known now is that Mr. Belgacem had a long criminal record. A prosecutor from Paris said that the suspect had a long criminal record for theft, receiving stolen goods, drug dealing and armed robbery.

But he's also known to intelligence for his connections with radical Islamists. Of the many houses searched after the 2015 attack, Belgacem's was one of them. More recently, what is known is that his brother and father were detained after the recent incident.

The aftermath

Paris officials said they would open an investigation on the suspect, who left his cellphone behind at the bar he shot at patrons in.

As of this writing, there is no knowledge as to what his motives were. But it's been reported that he yelled: "I'm here to die in the name of Allah. Whatever happens, people are going to die," as he was trying to wrestle the rifle away from the soldier, according to one report by the New York Times.

In the article, it states that he "tossed a container of gasoline on the floor," before he took the soldier hostage, who dropped down on the floor after Mr.

Belgacem wrestled the rifle away from her, giving her fellow soldiers a chance to shoot and kill him. Judging from his display, his history and perhaps the gasoline container, the outcome could have been far worse.