Aaron Hernandez's suicide came just about five days after he was vindicated of the murder allegations that stemmed from the death of immigrants Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu. However, while he and his defense team rejoiced at the verdict handed down by the judge, the relatives of the slain men wept openly in disbelief.

Hernandez murdered two immigrants in cold blood

Furtado and de Abreu, both Cape Verdean immigrants, were killed after one of the men accidentally spilled a drink on the New England Patriots' tight end. And now, maybe the victims' families can finally find solace in the passing of the accused killer, who reportedly gunned down the two men in cold blood back in 2012.

Law officials who investigated the case stated that both men were on their way home when the disgruntled suspect fired several rounds inside the vehicle in which the men were traveling and killed them both on the spot.

Last week, Hernandez was freed of the double murder that happened near the Boston night club where the altercation took place. And while he was set free by the jury that debated his fate for over 40 hours, Aaron Hernandez would still have to sit in prison and serve a Life Sentence for killing Odin Lloyd, his sister's boyfriend in 2013.

Hernandez slapped with life sentence for brother-in-law murder

But even with the surprise acquittal, the disfavored previous NFL player hanged himself in his prison cell early this morning.

Massachusetts prison authorities have confirmed that the disgraced sportsman was discovered unresponsive with his bed sheets tied around his neck. The ill-fated incident occurred in his cell around 3:00 a.m. at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Prison Center in Lancaster City, Massachusetts.

According to official reports, the door to his prison cell was blocked by various objects, making it impossible to gain access to the small room in which he was housed.

The ex-NFL tight end was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, unfortunately, he succumbed to his injury and passed away this morning.

Accused killer shoots prosecutor's main witness in the face

Ironically, the murders that he was acquitted for led him to murder his brother-in-law and close friend, Odin Lloyd, who would have been a key witness in the 2012 double murder.

Hernandez was also accused of shooting with intent the prosecutor's main witness, Alexander Bradley. In an effort to eliminate all the witnesses that would testify against him, Bradley was shot in the face by the accused killer, but he survived and is currently blind in his right eye.

Surprisingly, Aaron Hernandez was also acquitted in that case.