The animal population is ever increasing, with so many dogs (and cats) left without human companionship. Aside from the various homeless pets, shelters are often filled to capacity with sweet animals in need of loving homes and families. These facilities cannot function properly without staff and volunteers to care for the animals. Volunteers play a crucial role in animal care and rarely get recognized but the non-profit organization, the “Points of Light” hosts the National Volunteer Week each year to recognize those who give of their time. The event is observed in the United States and Canada.

Warren County Humane Society hosts “Pet-a-Pup” event

Students at the Downing Student Union were recently encouraged to give of their time and their hearts to dogs through an event sponsored by the Warren County Humane Society known as the “Pet-a-Pup” experience. As part of the festivities, students handled the care of several dogs on leashes and learned how to make dog toys by hand with old socks, t-shirts, and bags. Donations were also collected at the affair that included money, newspapers, dog supplies, canned tuna, and dish soap. A graduate from WKU, Amira Bryant states that this is a great incentive to encourage students to give of their time in support of the Humane Society through volunteering as a kickoff to National Volunteer Week.

About the National Volunteer Week and its work

Bryant from WKU stated further that the kickoff with dogs at the event encourages involvement from the students on campus. National Volunteer Week heightens participation in various volunteer efforts throughout the community. It has been recognized since 1974 and has since been observed in mid to late April in the United States and Canada.

The effort is not only to encourage new volunteers but thank all those who currently volunteer, letting each person know what an asset they are to the health and Welfare Of Animals.

Coordinator of Student Activities at WKU, Josclynn Brandon states that the Bowling Green campus is essential in embracing volunteerism throughout their community.

Throughout the week, the sponsor various events each day for the benefit of causes and organizations throughout the community. Brandon goes on to say that WKU is all about good citizenship and giving back to others. Getting involved and giving of oneself is vital and impactful for all, especially when it comes to the welfare of defenseless animals.