The Border Collie is a gorgeous and gregarious, medium-sized working dog with extremely high energy. They are typically known as a herding dog with great stamina. They are highly intelligent, easily trainable and socialized. Anyone looking for a Border Collie may look on the internet but would most frequently seek a highly recommended breeder to ensure good, healthy animals. This is often the best route when in search of a healthy animal. However, award-winning breeder, Margaret Peacock, 63 stepped well over the line as a breeder when she murdered 9 of her newborn puppies.

The birth of nine Border Collie puppies

Margaret Peacock has been a dog breeder from the time she was 17 years of age and is registered with the Kennel Club. With her documented background, people are astonished that she would want to have nine perfectly healthy Border Collie puppies put down because she is angry that her dog had them. One other excuse is that she felt there may be genetic issues because the parents were brother and sister. Despite her reasoning for not wanting the puppies, the veterinarian refused to put these perfectly healthy specimens to sleep as she requested.

The woman murders the young animals and gets menial punishment

After returning from the vet, Peacock decided to put eight puppies in a plastic bag while they were still alive and stuck them in her freezer to die.

The woman proceeded to take the dead animals back to the vet, blaming him for her action because she had no choice!! During an investigation, one other pup was found, apparently beaten about the head with a blunt object. This certainly does not seem to be proper behavior for a highly regarded dog breeder!

After the full investigation and inspection by the RSPCA, Margaret Peacock was found guilty of felony Animal cruelty, but the punishment does not seem to fit the crime.

Peacock was given two 12-week prison sentences and some minor fines for the cruel death of nine healthy pups. What shocks most of the public following this story is that the woman will still be allowed to continue owning and breeder dogs. They say that she has a good history but it is questionable whether such a person should continue working with animals.

After such a horrific case of animal abuse, it is shocking that her license was not revoked, that she was not banned from ever again working with animals and the sentence she received should have been much stiffer. This was not justice for these poor innocent, healthy babies who never had a chance in life.