President Donald Trump repeatedly asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel if the US could strike a Trade Deal with Germany. The German leader answered his question and for the eleventh time, the US leader finally heard and understood her and quit asking. That's according to a senior German official who told the story to the Times of London with humor and amazement.

What was that again?

Last March, Merkel attended a trade meeting in Washington DC. It was reported that all throughout the meeting, the US President asked the German Chancellor the same question about the trade deal, which she also politely answered repeatedly that the US cannot make any form of a trade deal with Germany alone as it is a member of the European Union.

Reportedly Merkel told her cabinet members that Trump has "very basic misunderstandings of the EU and trade."

The tutor and the tutee

According to several reports, this is not the first time that the German leader has to explain and expound things to her co-leader. Allegedly, just days after he took office, Merkel had to explain to Trump the obligation of America as stated in the Geneva refugee convention. The conversation took place during the time Trump released his first travel ban. Speaking on the phone, the German Chancellor told the US leader that she felt sorry about his decision on the travel ban. She pointed out the under the refugee convention, all signatories must oblige to accept refugees of war on humanitarian grounds.

In March this year, Merkel again paid a visit to Washington for a joint press conference. Reportedly, she told Trump to dismiss posting his official statements on social media. Distinctively, in one of his tweets, the US leader said that it is much better to talk to one another than about one another. This was after Trump, during the press conference was quoted saying that Germany has performed very well in its trade deals with the US.

According to several claims, many observers, and reporters in desperation started wondering if the US leader would ever understand how the world operates.

In a report by Business Insider, the conference with the German leader paved way for the Trump administration to realize that it is more important for the country to get a deal with the EU rather than with the UK.

This immediate turnaround from its previous stand is parallel to the one embraced by then President Barack Obama. It can be recalled that Obama warned that the UK, should it follow with Brexit, will go to the back of the queue.