The search for the Facebook killer, Steve Stephens, was over on Tuesday when the suspect was confronted during a traffic stop, which ended with a fatal, self-inflicted wound to the head. The chase for Stephens started on Easter Sunday when he decided to gun down a 74-year-old man, Robert Godwin, live on Facebook.

The chase ended when Stephens was spotted on Tuesday morning in Eerie County, PA. When the police tried to confront Stephens with a routine traffic stop, Stephens ended up shooting himself. The ending to this manhunt was not satisfying for the Family of the Victim.

They wanted the killer of their beloved family member to serve time and pay for his act.

The murder

The actual murder of Godwin occurred in Cleveland as shown in the video that Stephens posted live on Facebook. The 74-year-old victim was gunned down randomly by Stephens. According to the 37-year-old killer, he claims that it was his girlfriend's fault as to why this act against Godwin was committed. Stephens actually told Godwin the reason before shooting him, as seen in the video.

In another video posted on Facebook, Stephens is seen talking on the phone, telling a person that he has committed several murders. The Facebook killer claimed that he left the bodies of his victim inside a home. Despite claiming a dozen murders, the authorities have only been able to confirm one -- Robert Godwin's murder.

As for the woman that was Stephens' girlfriend, Joy Lane, she was overwhelmed by the act committed by her ex-boyfriend. Lane claims that Stephens was "a really good man" and was "fabulous" toward her. She also felt very sorry for the victim's family, with no further comments.

Godwin's family upset

Godwin's family were very upset to find out that Steve Stephens took his life before facing the music.

One of the daughters of the victim, Debbie Godwin, stated that she was not happy that Stephens was dead. She later told the press that her family wanted to see Stephens do the time for killing her father. She concluded by stating that Stephens has no penalty to pay for the heinous murder that he committed.

The only good note that came out of the victim's family is that fact that they chose to forgive Stephens.

Despite having seen their beloved family member murdered on Facebook, the Godwins just wanted Stephen to turn himself in to the authorities. However, Stephens took his life, leaving no closure for the Godwins.