Steve Stephens, the man in Cleveland who live streamed on Facebook the killing of an innocent man, has been found dead in his car. After a police chase, Stephens killed himself near Erie Pennyslvania, according to the Pennslvania Police Department. At first, police were looking for him over five states. Then it became a nationwide search with a $50,000 reward leading up to the capture of the murderer.

The suspect's white Ford Fusion was seen in Erie County early Tuesday morning at McDonald's a little after 11 a.m. He fled in his car, and after a brief police chase, Stephens killed himself with a gunshot wound to his head.

Police regret that the search ended the way it did because they had questions for Stephens that will now go unanswered. No reason was given for killing the elderly man. Also, the killer admitted to killing 15 other people. However, Chief Calvin Williams of the Cleveland Police has not verified the murders Stephens claimed. At this point, officials believe last Sunday's murder was the only one.

The murder

It was on Easter Sunday when Stephens walked up to a stranger who was identified as 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. and shot him point blank while he video taped the murder. Goodwin was chosen at random. He was the father of nine children and the grandfather of 14. The murdered man was walking home after he had a meal with his children.

People saw the actual murder taking place as it was happening in real time before Facebook deleted the live streaming after three hours. Not only was the video removed, but the man's entire Facebook account was shut done. His account might become part of the police investigation to help officials determine if there are any clues to suggest Stephens' motive.

Facebook's statement

Facebook apologized for not catching and deleting the video sooner. A spokesperson said the crime was horrifiic and that type of content is not allowed on its site.

The three-day manhunt for the Facebook killer is over. However, the investigation continues to find out more details. The family of Godwin has been speaking out about the senseless death of their relative.

One son said he forgives the man who killed his father.

Before Stephens was found, tips were coming in from all over the country even as far away as Texas. The police reported having received about 400 tips because they had asked for any information to be reported. A national FBI tip line has been set up especially to handle those leads. The 37-year-old killer had been placed on the FBI's most wanted list.