Donald Trump told the press on Friday that he is not in any rush to repeal the affordable care act. Several weeks ago, he almost seemed desperate to get it approved, as he believed that would increase his approval ratings. He explained that he "isn't worried" about getting it approved because it will pass, "eventually."

Congress returns this week from recess

Most people expected Congress to decide on the Health Care Bill this week, but Trump revealed that may not happen, just yet. Even though he isn't in a rush to get the bill passed, he believes it will pass "soon."

The president said that the new health care bill was "coming along great" and will be a "refreshing change" from President Obama's health care act.

100th day in office quickly approaching

Trump is quickly approaching his 100th day in office, so he may be eager to get the bill passed. The GOP lawmakers have doubts that the House would vote on any health care bills this week. If he cannot get this bill passed, he will approach his 100th day in office without getting one single piece of legislation passed.

Trump contract

After Trump won the election in November, he drafted a contract stating he would get 12 items passed through legislation. To date, he hasn't gotten Congress or the House to pass any of his bills.

Trump's 100th day in office is on April 29.

Do you think TrumpCare will pass legislation soon?