With news that President Trump is considering a shakeup of his staff and top aides, Washington is waiting to see who gets #promoted and who gets #demoted, even though the President apparently dislikes dismissing people.

But Trump is, according to report in the New York Times, contemplating a wide range of choices, including a shift in role for top aide #Stephen Bannon, who since his demotion from the security council last week, has become increasingly secluded in the White House. This, as others such as Jared Kushner develop and refine their power centers and try and zero in on the President to persuade and assist him.

Bannon's role may shrink

#Stephen Bannon, an intense and persuasive force of change has until now been given ultimate high-level all clearance access in the #White House which means he has great influence over both managerial issues as well as policy creation. He has been behind many top decisions and policy moves, such as the derided travel band and the heathcare repeal.

With rumors swirling of his demotion from this unofficial post, he could be facing a new set of circumstances as the #President rearranges things to find peace and confluence. Kushner is not Bannon's friend, but is Trump's son-in-law....