#Stephen Bannon, until now President Trump's top aide and the driving force of the White House's major shift toward a slew of conservative standards (such as the travel ban) is of the opinion that jared kushner is trying to ouster him.

Bannon will fight to the end

Bannon, whose portfolio is vague and yet all encompassing, has told sources that he believes #Jared Kushner’s allies have tried to paint him in a poor light. He has no plans to quit and is, according to a source of the New York Times, ready to go to battle. This, as talk swirls throughout the media about the potential decision Trump will make about shuffling his aides and team so that there is less drama and more stability in the #Oval Office.

In fact, the first few months of Trump's presidency have been marred by uncertainty, shock, chaos and confusion – and many say that this is due to Bannon's roving influence and the permission Trump gave him to make his presence felt. Kushner is seen as more of a stabilizing force, even though he is, as Bannon shouted at him, essentially a Democrat. He and his wife Ivanka, Trump's daughter, are now fully ensconced in the White House and many suspect that their less conservative approach could potentially influence trump to tone down his style.